Issue #083
Issue #083
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 083 March/April 2010

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IMATS U.K. Bigger, Better: London 2010 show breaks records. By Joe Nazzaro

Tim Burton's Wonderland: Artists help director realize his vision of the iconic tale. By Joe Nazzaro

Moving Fashion Forward: L'Oréal artist Eddie Malter sets trends in Canada. By Heather Wisner

Gods and Monsters: Clash of the Titans creates myths for a new generation. By Joe Nazzaro

Box Set: Alex Box's book puts the art in make-up artistry. By Heather Wisner

Where Wolf? There Wolf: Exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from The Wolfman, from Rick Baker and Neill Gorton. By Joe Nazzaro

Bronze Age: From iodine to airbrush, tanning make-up has changed over time. By Graham Coslett

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